Attendance Policy 

The unique nature of the THSMB has, as part of the curriculum, performances outside of the scheduled school day. The success of our organization and ensembles depends directly upon the full and complete participation of all of its members. Google Calendar is provided before the start of each marching band season and is updated and available on BANDapp & via the band website ( It is reasonably expected that with this notice, as a member of the Trenton HS Marching Band, you will attend every rehearsal and performance. Please do not schedule avoidable conflicts with rehearsals or performances. These include job commitments, family vacations, babysitting, doctor and dentist appointments, senior pictures, etc. 

Attendance will be taken at every rehearsal/performance and there is nothing that can truly replace the absence of a performance. There is no “second string” in the marching band. Every member relies on you for their performance. Lack of attendance in rehearsal/football games/competitions/parades may affect letter/chevron/PE credit/eligibility to perform. If there is an emergency, please contact Mr. Wolf ASAP. Communication solves everything.

School-Related Conflicts: 

It is expected that students who choose to participate in several activities or classes that have an “after-school” practice/performance component will make every effort to completely fulfill their obligation to each group. In many cases, splitting time equally between the two simultaneous activities is the best compromise (the 50/50 rule). Graded academic activities, such as performances within the arts, will take precedence over non-graded extra-curricular activities. 

School-Related Athletics: 

Performances/games take precedence over practices/meetings. The student and/or parents should resolve practice conflicts by giving advanced notification to that student’s coach & band director. If possible, the director will make special arrangements to limit the amount of practice time missed. Communication is key so that students are able to participate in all the programming that Trenton Public Schools has to offer. We have MANY students that participate in band AND athletics - with effort and organization students are successful in both and as a band program we are proud of this. The 50/50 rule is the best compromise so that the student is able to take advantage of all the offering that Trenton Public Schools has.

Performance/game conflicts should be resolved with full understanding and cooperation of all involved including complete and open communication between the students, teachers, parents, and coaches. Students can only be excused if participating in the sporting event’s game. If possible, arrangements may be made to split time between the two events.

Because our calendar is available by the end of the previous school year, it is expected that students check their schedule against the band schedule. Any conflicts should be addressed at the beginning of a sport’s/activity’s season. All conflicts must be worked out no fewer than at least two weeks before the requested rehearsal or four weeks before the requested performance. This will allow coaches and directors to make the necessary adjustments to their ensemble or team. 


If you suddenly miss a rehearsal or performance due to an emergency or illness, a parent must attempt to contact the director within 24 hours of the missed event. This is still required if the student has been excused from school during the day. A doctor’s note MUST be provided. 

Excused Absences:

Unexcused Absences:

Absence from Performance:

There are almost no excused absences from performances. An unexcused absence from a performance may result in dismissal from the marching band. Mr. Wolf will deal with this on a case-by-case basis along with TPS administration and THS athletics as necessary.